Thursday, May 10, 2018


When Donald Trump was running for the President of the United States, Nick Gillespie wrote in the Newsweek Magazine that Trump’s modus operandi is negging.
I have heard of leggings. I have heard of begging. Even heard of kegging. But never heard of the word “negging”. Have you?
According to New Statesman:
Negging, as it is called, is in essence a trick. The idea is to undermine a woman's confidence by making backhanded or snide remarks—give a compliment with one hand, and take away with the other. It is about control, putting the man in charge of the interaction by pushing the woman to earn his approval....
It gives a few examples. Here are a few of them.
“You look amazing. What have you done?”
“If your face was as good as your legs I'd have to marry you.”
“Nice eyes, even though one is bigger than the others.”
According to Mr. Gillespie, Mr. Trump was using this tactic against his opponents to make them vulnerable. He used this tactic against Mexicans (They bring drugs, they bring crime, but some of them are good people) and against his opponents (So and so is a good man but…..). Hillary Clinton was the worst Secretary of State but her husband was the best President.
Negging is an insult to undermine the self confidence of a woman so she might become more vulnerable to a guy’s advances. It is used as a pick up technique. Interject an insult during the initial conversation.
I understand it is being practiced around the world as a seduction technique.
Women use negging tactics against men? Sure they do. But I have read it is not that effective on men. If women have to get the attention of a man, they have other effective strategies.
PS: I heard this morning President Trump and Kim Jong Un will be meeting in Singapore on June 12. This is the first time a sitting US President will be meeting a leader of North Korea. I think Trump is using this “negging” tactics very well against Kim. Kim is falling for that, in my opinion. Trump called him a “rocket man” and at the same time called him a “smart cookie”. Trump said “North Korea will be met with fire and fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before." Today Trump said it is nice of Kim to let the 3 prisoners go and we want to thank Kim who really was excellent.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Strange Name Board

Saw this strange name board in front of a store in Issaquah, Washington State:

 May be a spelling mistake. I think it should have been "Ready Ice". If not, where is the "Rao Ice" and "Naidu Ice"?

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Need to Know the Truth

There is a famous Tamil movie line “enakku oru unmai therinjaganum” (I need to know the truth). So here goes.

Everyday I read news from 4 news organizations, Two American and two Indian. One of them is the online edition of NDTV News. I always wondered what they are thinking when designing their pages. They have a header with the title INDIA NEWS and on the same page SOUTH NEWS. Please see below.
I always thought South India is also part and parcel of whole India. Then why INDIA NEWS and SOUTH NEWS separately? I can understand if they show NORTH NEWS, WEST NEWS, EAST NEWS, and SOUTH NEWS. Don’t they consider South is also part of India?

If someone knows the answer, I would appreciate.